Sandtex® PVCu Primer

← Exterior Trim Prepare tired PVC-u with Sandtex PVC-u before applying a top coat of  10 Year Gloss or 10 Year Satin to give your PVC a new lease of life.
  • Available in 750ml packs.
  • 750ml covers up to 11 sq metres.
  • Drying time 4-6 hours.
  • Recoat in 16 hours.
  • Apply by natural bristle brush or gloss pile roller.
To work out exactly how much you might need, use our Paint Calculator. Completely transform your PVC-u window frames, doors and even conservatories with our PVCu Primer which provides the ideal base coat for any Sandtex 10 Year Exterior Gloss or Satin.
  • Flexible Formulation
  • Use with Sandtex 10 year Primer Undercoat
  • Up to 10 years protection

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