Unique exterior colours to inspire you in 2019

Your exteriors are the first thing that visitors will notice about your home. Therefore, it’s essential that they’re always in top shape. If you want your home to stand out among the rest, painting it an interesting colour is a smart option. But where do you start? The following article will provide colour inspiration for unique exteriors. 

1. Pastel Yellow: Yellow works well when you want a neutral-ish shade that still packs a punch. Pastel yellow is warm and inviting, and looks beautiful surrounded by the greenery of Ireland. Try our shades Magnolia or Cotswold Cream for a soft and sweet update to your exteriors.

2. Sky blue: While various shades of blue have always been a popular choice for houses, we love the gentle yet striking shade of sky blue. This colour works wonderfully for houses on or near the coast as the colour perfectly complements the rolling sea and the beautiful summer skies. 

3. Forest green: Green is earthy and natural, and a vivid forest green is a great way to strengthen the look of your exteriors. This rich shade will call to mind crisp morning walks in the woods, and will look gorgeous no matter the setting of your home. Pair forest green exteriors with a bright red front door and sharp white trim for a classically elegant combination.

4. Maroon: Maroon is the cousin of red, and it is one of the most user-friendly shades within the family. Maroon homes aren’t traditionally popular within Ireland, but we think it makes a unique alternative to the standard neutrals. We love seeing maroon with blue accents—and a periwinkle door with a maroon foundation is stylish and lively.

5. Teal: This blue and green combination is a vibrant twist on two beloved shades. Teal is tropical and serene, instantly uplifting the look of your home and adding some brightness to your exteriors. Who says you can’t go bold? Pair teal with crisp white trim and a robust red door for some eye-catching excellence.

6. Lilac purple: For those of us who are really looking for something unusual, lilac purple provides just the right amount of pop. Lovely and soft, this pretty colour works well when you want something unique but not too over-the-top. Additionally, lilac works great with green, which means it’s ideally suited to the lush surroundings of Ireland.

Regardless of how much we enjoy classic colours, sometimes your exteriors just crave a bit more. The above unique colour ideas will ensure your home distinguishes itself from the crowd. Be sure to use the Sandtex range of paints and products to guarantee the best protection for your home. For help in getting started, call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web.

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