Tricks (and some treats) to ensure your exteriors are Halloween ready

Autumn is in full swing and Halloween is just around the corner. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of various preparations for October 31st, be sure to take some time to ready your exteriors. Whether you’re hosting friends and family, or simply welcoming trick-or-treaters, your home should be in top form—inside and out!

The following post provides some top tips to get your exteriors in scary good shape for the spooooookiest day on the calendar.

Rake leaves to create the perfect backdrop: Let’s start with the basics. It’s autumn, leaves are falling, and chances are your garden could do with a raking. Disposing of leaves properly will keep your garden both healthy and attractive throughout the seasons. Plus, you want your decorations to really shine, so a blank canvas is best.


Light up the night: Halloween is meant to be dark and scary, sure, but it definitely shouldn’t be dangerous! A well-lit exterior will help people navigate safely around your house. With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer this time of year, this is especially pertinent. Plus, lighting your exteriors will make it easier for passersby to see your gorgeous garden and Halloween- ready home!


Clear a pathway for trick or treaters: Do your neighbourhood a favour and ensure there’s a clear cut, easily navigable pathway from the footpath to your door. This is a good rule of thumb, as it’s always important to have a safe walkway. If you’ll be getting high foot traffic, a pathway will keep visitors on track and keep them from potentially trampling your flower beds or upsetting your lawn.


Make your home pop with a Halloween-inspired front door:  Painting your front door is a quick and easy job with the Sandtex Rapid Dry range, and therefore isn’t a hassle to do frequently or seasonally. For a perfect autumn look that’ll work its way nicely into your Halloween decor, try colours such as deep reds, dark oranges, greens or black.


Dress to impress (when it comes to your garden, that is): Have some fun this Halloween and transform your garden into a haunted hideaway. From scarecrows and skeletons to cardboard gravestones and carved pumpkins, let your festive spirit flow into your garden. Your home will certainly be the coolest (and creeeeepiest) on the street!


Invest in a seasonal wreath: What goes brilliantly with a perfectly-painted front door? A wreath, of course! Though it’s not time for the ivy and boxwood, purchase (or make) an autumn or Halloween-ready wreath. When it comes to these we love orange berries, colourful leaves, and mini pumpkins or gourds for an au natural look, or skeleton bones, witches hats, black cats, bats and spider webs for a whimsical take.

With the above steps, your exteriors will be in fabulous festive shape in no time! For more expert advice, call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web. Happy Halloween!

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