Top tips for keeping out the cold this winter

The thick of winter is upon us: the Christmas decorations have been taken down, the New Year resolutions have begun and the cold is howling outside our doors. It’s time to batten down the hatches to ensure you and your family are kept warm and toasty. The following tips will help keep the chills at bay (and the heating bills down!) so your home is as cosy as it should be.


Wrap up your windows

Windows make the ideal prey for cold air, so it’s essential to keep yours guarded. If you don’t have double-paned windows this step is especially important. Purchase winter plastic wrap to cover the windows from the inside, and secure with weather tape. This is an easy, inexpensive way to add an extra layer of protection from frigid drafts.


Seal air leaks

Look around your home for areas where cold air is entering; usually where plumbing or wiring break through surfaces. You’d be surprised at how much trouble a tiny hole can cause! Indoor or outdoor caulking and filling agents can be found at your local hardware store, and are fast and simple to use.


Tighten door hinges

Doors are one of the most common places in the house for air to move in and out. Sometimes, this problem can be caused by loose hinges, which can create a troublesome gap between the frame and door. Lift doors by their knobs and if they move upwards, it’s time to tighten the hinges.


Install door sweeps

Stop drafts from sneaking in the bottom of doors by installing door sweeps on outside-facing doors. Close the door and check if you see light coming through the base or if you feel air coming in. If you do—it’s time to make a small investment in a very helpful door sweep. You can also use a fabric draft stopper for increased insulation.


Waterproof your exteriors

Our winters are notoriously wet, and waterproofing your exteriors is a simple step you can take to safeguard your home. Using a quality waterproofing agent will offer an additional barrier from the damp weather that is prone to causing cracks and wearing away the outer layers of your home. A well-armoured home is well preserved, and will therefore remain warmer throughout the years.


Insulate your attic

Heat rises and can easily escape from your attic. This is why it’s especially important to properly insulate your attic if you have one. Like you do everywhere else in the house, check your attic for air leaks and winterise the windows, but also add further insulation such as foam boards or fiberglass.


Spending a little money now to defend yourself from the elements will end up saving you money down the line when it comes to your energy bills. Your home is your sanctuary, and the experts at Sandtex are here to help make sure it’s operating efficiently. Call into your local Sandtex stockist for professional assistance and further recommendations.


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