Tips to help ensure a natural-looking extension

Home extensions are a great way to gain more living space without the trouble of having to relocate. However, in order to fully benefit from an extension, it’s essential that it’s done right. In addition to practical value, extensions should be aesthetically pleasing, and a big part of that is making them look natural. The following post will tell you how.

1. Hire an architect: if you want a job done right, you shouldn’t always do it yourself. When planning an extension, it’s best to consult an expert. Architects will take into account a variety of factors when they create your extension, to make sure you get the most out of your new addition. Tell your architect that you’d like a natural, blended-in look and they will be able to easily match the interior and exterior style of your home.

2. Consider the whole picture: An extension isn’t something that should be looked at singularly. It should always be considered in terms of the greater, overall scale of your home. How will it affect the flow of your house? The light? Extensions should be just that— extensions of your pre-existing house, and therefore seamlessly integrated in every respect. If it doesn’t look like it could have been part of the original floor plan, ditch it.

3. Use the same/similar materials and colours as the existing house: If you want your extension to look natural, it’s obviously a good idea to implement the same/very similar materials and colours as the existing house. This means internally and externally. If your home is made of red brick, don’t choose to use grey stone for your extension, etc.

4. Landscape properly around your extension: You never want your extension to look like a space shuttle just landed in your back garden! Extensions should blend in with their natural surroundings, and this means working with your garden so that it’s optimised and ready for its new look! Consider the updated space you’ll have to work with and design your garden around that.

Taking the plunge and adding an extension is certainly an exciting time for every homeowner. The possibilities are endless, but that doesn’t mean that just anything will do. In our opinion, the best looking (and functioning!) extensions are ones that naturally go with the style and flow of the house, and are thoughtfully constructed. For more helpful design information, call into your local Sandtexstockist or visit us on the web.

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