Some of our favourite Halloween decorations

Autumn is here which means we’re getting into the Halloween spirit! While this may be a very different Halloween than what we’re used to, we’re still planning on putting up some decorations and celebrating (as safely as possible of course). We love looking at the different Halloween decorations, and how creative people can get. Below you’ll find a selection of some of our favourites found around the web. We hope they don’t scare you too much!

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1. A frightful front door: We love this clever idea of creating a scary entryway that’s perfect for the Halloween season. Use cardboard to create the wooden planks and write your warning— whether it be “Keep Out” or something else! Adding to the vibe are fake gravestones, floating ghosts, spiderwebs, chains, and slime-covered stairs. It’s safe to say this is definitely not a door we’d want to encounter on a dark and misty night!

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2. Scary Skeletal Intruders: We thought this was a clever idea! Plastic skeletons are pretty easy to come by during this season so why not arrange them in a mischievous manner? These naughty skeletons are climbing up your walls, opening your windows, and sneaking into your home. We hope they’re the nice kind or reanimated skeletons! These decorations, like all Halloween decorations, will be drawing more attention to your home so be sure to get your trim in top shape (and especially be sure to clean your windows so your frightening friends have a nice place to climb into!).


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3. Beware of the birds: We love this ultra haunting entryway that combines a few classic Halloween elements into a scary scene. Pumpkins are scattered near the entryway, dried corn stalks frame the door, and fake crows are placed around the area, no doubt guarding the door and scoping their prey!


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4. Do the Monster Mash: Another playful and Halloween-ready front door, this one in the form of a silly monster! This entryway is one that is sure to charm kids and adults alike! Get the look with colourful faux fur fabric, foam balls and wreaths, and construction paper. You can find the specifics here. If you want to start with a good base, we recommend giving your front door a couple fresh coats! We have thousands of colours to choose from that can be mixed for you in minutes so you’re sure to find a door that you love (and that will make a very wonderful monster!).


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5. Ghastly ghosts: What would Halloween be without your classic ghosts? You can make your ghosts scary or friendly based on your personal tastes and it’s simple to create these and place them around the yard, either floating or grounded. You can find a good tutorial here.


Now, who’s ready to get creative and get set for Halloween? Remember that your Halloween decorations, like any decorations you display, will draw a bit more attention to your home so you might want to start by giving yourself a good foundation from which to create your holiday masterpieces! For everything you need to get started, call into your local Sandtex stockist.

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