Six ways to instantly boost your home’s exterior appeal

When it comes to your home, we believe that what’s on the outside should be just as important as what’s found within. Your exteriors are the first impression anyone receives of your cherished home, so you’ll want that impression to be positive and memorable. The following post provides six simple tips for how you can instantly boost your exterior’s appeal. You’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood in no time!

1.  Trim your hedges and manicure your lawn
One of the easiest (and fastest) ways to convey an air of put-together-ness is to ensure your hedges and lawn are well maintained. If you have the proper equipment, this makes the perfect sunny weekend activity. Otherwise, there’s plenty of garden services who would be more than happy to assist! A couple of hours is all it takes for a sleek-looking front garden.

2. Install window boxes with flowers

Window boxes look adorable on houses, and are a great way to add more life and colour to your exteriors. Get window boxes that match your front door or trim colour and plant seasonal selections that’ll brighten your outdoor space.

3. Give your home a fresh coat of paint
Painting your exteriors is a simple and affordable way to add value to your home. A new paint job will immediately make your exteriors look polished and boost attractiveness. The summer weather will hopefully give you ample time to complete this easy process so there are no more excuses!

4. Paint your door an exciting colour
Give your home an inexpensive, instant facelift by adding interest to your doorway. Your door is the entryway to your most cherished space, and therefore should be treated with the utmost care and consideration. Why not brighten things up with a yellow or blue, or keep things classy with a red or green? The possibilities are endless, and—lucky for you—we’ve got plenty of inspiration for your viewing pleasure, available here.

5. Add flowers and foliage
Landscaping with flowers and other plants will add a feeling of lushness to your garden. Be strategic with where you place them and use them to create pathways, highlight a space and add dimension to an area. Head to your local garden centre for everything you’ll need!

6. Give your driveway some TLC
Anyone who visits your home is likely to encounter your driveway—either by car or by foot. Therefore, it’s important to make sure it’s in tip-top shape. If it’s discoloured, crumbling, cracked, etc, chances are it’s due time for some rehab. A repavement may be in order, or consider a redesign to spruce things up a bit. Brickwork can look great in driveways as well—talk to the professionals for more options and the latest procedures. Though it might not be an “instant” fix—it is a relatively quick way (compared to other alternatives) to makeover your exteriors.

Summer is the opportune time to make some positive changes to your exteriors. For further expert advice and home inspiration, call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web.

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