Six beautiful brick homes and why we love them

Bricks were invented thousands of years ago, and although they have evolved throughout the ages, they remain reliable and attractive building materials. We love the regal look of classic brick homes, and the ones listed below are some of our favourites!

1. This house takes the word “grand” to a whole new level! From the beautiful Georgian entryway framed with two stately pillars, to the large white doors and the intricate metal fencing, this terraced home is what dreams are made of. Did we mention how much we enjoy those classic lantern post lights and the stunning brick patterns around the door and windows? It seems that every element of this home’s design has been carefully considered.

2. The above houses are well maintained and would make welcome additions to any street! We especially love the various brick colours that combine to create an appealing look. The covered entrance ways, the freshly tiled roofs, and the two attic windows atop the home on the right are thoughtful features. We’re also quite impressed with the symmetry of each home!

3. These lively brick homes have undergone a fun modern update thanks to a few coats of brightly coloured paint!  We can’t decide which one we like the best, but we always appreciate a homeowner who isn’t afraid to be a bit bold! Adding to the vibrant foundations are handsome doorways, elaborate window frames, and sweet flower boxes. These are definitely homes that would keep our eyes entertained.

4. The above brick home proves that brick looks gorgeous in any colour! We love how the elegant cream bricks look alongside the bright white trimmings of the home and the bright blue sky in the background. The stone wall across the front of the house adds a rustic appeal, and the front entrance way welcomes visitors with open arms (or, in this case, with two noble pillars!).

5. This house knows how to make an entrance! Landscaping adds to the magnificence of the home, but the building is powerful enough to stand on its own. The deep brown colour of the brick, the large windows on the ground floor (complete with blooming window boxes!), and the flawlessly tiled roof is making us wonder when we can move in! 

6. The tan brick homes above are interesting architectural feats! The large semicircular bay windows on both floors are unique features and are bound to bathe the interiors in plenty of soft sunshine.  The light stone driveway looks great in contrast to the slightly darker bricks, and simple landscaping of the front garden allows the homes to shine!

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