Simple and practical exterior ideas for winter

Winter is fast approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to give your exteriors some TLC before the weather gets too unpleasant.  In addition to protecting the integrity of your home, it’s also a good idea to provide some practical improvements to your exteriors before winter fully arrives. The following post offers some useful tips for exteriors so that you are braced and ready for the season that lies ahead!

1. Repair any cracks and holes around your exteriors: Over time, even small cracks can expand and cause serious harm to your home’s foundations. Therefore, it’s best to deal with any damage as soon as it arises. Use our Ready Mixed Masonry Filler to easily repair brick, render, and stone.

2. Replace dysfunctional windows, doors, and roofing: Now is the time to replace anything that may be especially troublesome during the winter, like doors and windows that aren’t working properly, or a roof that’s leaking. The last thing you want is cold air or precipitation coming in from the outside, so check diligently to ensure there aren’t any drafts or leaks. This will also guard against mice or other small rodents that can sneak in through even the smallest crevices.

3. Install lights around your outdoor pathways: With the days getting shorter, we’ll all be spending more and more time in the dark. Walking to-and-from cars and sidewalks can be dangerous without the right brightness to guide the way. Make sure your pathways are properly illuminated and replace old bulbs with new ones to start winter off right.

4. Clear your gardens of any unnecessary clutter: Items such as planters, grills, toys, and furniture can wreak havoc on your garden when left to fester over the winter months. In addition to tearing up your grass, these things can lead to dips, holes, and other disturbances to your garden. Safely storing them in your garage or shed will help minimise the work you’ll have to do when spring rolls around.

5. Improve any areas that could be treacherous when icy: Though Irish winters don’t always get too cold, chances are we’ll reach freezing temperatures at some stage. Walkways are hard enough to navigate in the rain, never mind in the snow or when coated with ice! This means smoothing out pathways to help stabilise footing, and removing any unnecessary clutter that could turn into a dangerous obstruction.

6. Waterproof your exteriors: Winter can be quite wet on our beloved Emerald Isle, so be prepared by properly waterproofing and protecting your home. For porous surfaces such as brick and stone, use our Brickwork Waterproofer and Protector.

Ready to get to work improving your exteriors? Call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web for even more recommendations.

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