Scandinavian-inspired exteriors for the cooler months

Scandinavian design has long been admired for its minimalism and elegance. What usually distinguishes the Scandinavian style is clean, crisp lines, purposeful design, and a look that’s understated and fashionable. With the cooler weather fast approaching, it’s a great time to take some inspiration from Scandinavian design when it comes to your own exteriors. The following tips will tell you how.

1. Go minimalistic: Scandinavian design is clean-cut and always seems to stray away from unnecessary clutter. This goes for interiors as well as exteriors. Clean your exteriors with a pressure washer or other device and consider giving your house a fresh coat of paint to really make it shine.

2. Keep your garden tidy: Scandinavian design is striking in its simplicity, so there’s no need for added bells and whistles. Store garden furniture and any garden ornaments in your shed, and ensure your lawn is kept tidy with your hedges trimmed. The crisp lines of your well-manicured garden will perfectly complement the crisp lines of your home for a true Scandinavian look.

3. Paint your house red: Red houses may be few and far between in Ireland, but they’re common in Scandinavian countries, and even characteristic of the region! A bright red with white trimmings may seem like a bold choice, but it’s a classic combination that calls to mind cosy Nordic ski lodges and quaint Swedish cabins.

4. Paint your home black: Like red, black is also a favourite shade in Scandinavian design—and it’s a bit more modern of a look. Black homes are dramatic, despite— or perhaps because of— their lack of colour. A black home looks sharp against any landscape, and using black paint on your exteriors is a surefire way to incorporate the Scandinavian aura in your home.

5. Make use of your windows: Scandinavians love clean, open spaces and this means that a house with plenty of windows is always favourable. Windows open up your interiors, and make your exteriors look more appealing too! Windows perfectly amalgamate the inner and outer spaces of your home, and installing more windows will look and feel Scandinavian.

6. Give your home a lit-from-within glow: Picture a cosy cabin in the mountains on a snowy night. What do you see? Chances are you picture a roaring fire and a warm glow that spreads outward from the heart of the home. Creating this warm glow and the feeling of warmth and happiness is very Scandinavian. In fact, the Danish have a word for this— Hygge. Hygge your home on the inside, and the outside will reflect your efforts as well.

7. Work with what you have: Scandinavian design doesn’t attempt to overcome or change the elements around it— rather it works with them. If you live by the ocean, focus on the view with a large window and a beautiful terrace overlooking the water. If you live in the hills, use the landscape to create a cosy, hidden oasis that’s all your own.

Ready to try your hand at Scandinavian design? For more inspiration and everything you need to get started, call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web.

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