Our 2020 exterior design resolutions

2020 has arrived, and with it, a variety of plans for the year ahead. We’ve been thinking of some of the exterior improvements we’d like to make over the next twelve months. One thing’s for sure— it’ll be an exciting and productive year! The below is a sampling of some of our 2020 exterior design resolutions. We thought we’d share them with you, and we hope you enjoy.

Repairing and protecting our foundations: A strong and resilient foundation is vital to a happy and healthy home. Nature’s elements will steadily erode your walls if they’re not properly shielded. We’re making it a priority to scan our exterior walls every season, repairing any cracks and filling any holes. Additionally, painting walls with our protective products will ensure their longevity.

Investing in landscaping: We’re always amazed at what a difference a bit of thoughtful landscaping can make to the look of a home. While it’s common to invest plenty of time and money into your interiors (with good reason!), we never neglect our exteriors. We’re giving our homes some major exterior appeal with landscaping. There are plants, flowers, and other features that can suit any budget. If you’re interested in landscaping, we recommend taking a trip to your local garden centre to see what speaks to you!

Spending more time outside: Whether we’re working on improvements or simply relaxing in the garden, we’re making 2020 the year we enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Part of this resolution will be creating an exterior space that’s conducive to activities such as dining al fresco, lounging in the sunshine, playing football with the kids, having a bonfire, hosting friends, growing veggies, etc. Making a comfortable outdoor haven will make enjoying Mother Nature easier and more fun! 

Finally trying that colour we’ve been thinking of: Both inside and outside of the home, colour is playing a huge part in the design trends of 2020– and this year’s trendsetters aren’t afraid to go bold! They’ve inspired us to finally try those colours we’ve admired (but maybe didn’t have the courage to go through with) on our own home. The thing with paint is that it can always be painted over if things don’t work. However, we recommend patch testing the colour you’re thinking of to help save you the trouble! If you’re wanting to go bold with colour but don’t want to apply it to the whole house, why not pack a punch with a bold front and/or back door. Doors can be painted quickly and easily, so there’s no excuse not to experiment!

Not shying away from deep cleaning: You may hear the words “deep cleaning” and cringe. We know we often do! However, deep cleaning your exteriors is necessary to keep your home in top shape, and it doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, cleaning your exteriors may even be a life-changing experience! Or, maybe not…. but regardless, you’ll be glad you did it and your home will look beautiful and be healthier. Products such as our PVC-u Restorer and our Fungicidal Wash will help you clean with ease.

What are some of your 2020 exterior design resolutions? Will you be trying any of the above? For more expert exterior advice, call into your local Sandtex Stockist or visit us on the web. Here’s to a great year ahead!

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