Common warm weather mistakes damaging your exteriors

Spring is in full swing—and while you’re out enjoying the BBQ’s, the beach days, and the garden lounging—your exteriors could be suffering. Believe it or not, the sunshine can cause damage to your home. Additionally, homeowners themselves can unknowingly harm their property if they don’t take the necessary precautions. The following post covers some of the most common mistakes that may occur now that the warmer weather has arrived.

Painting your exteriors in the wrong conditions: The nicer weather means plenty of folks are taking the opportunity to make some necessary home improvements. If painting your exteriors is on your agenda, make sure you pick the right time to complete this. Though no one can predict the weather, (especially in Ireland) aim to begin on a week with a low chance of precipitation, as wetness can disrupt the quality of your paint job. Additionally, make sure the weather isn’t too hot, as heat has the potential to dry out paint too quickly and cause cracks.

Using the wrong procedure when painting your home: When you paint your home, you must ensure the job is done to the highest standards and the correct procedure is followed. Any damage to the house needs to be repaired before beginning. Walls should be primed and prepped accordingly and quality paint and materials should be used.  A little extra investment will save you expense in the long run.

Not maintaining your Greenery: Spring is the season of growth and new life. Ivy and other creeping plants are beautiful to look at and even protect against pollution, but if paintwork, woodwork or plaster has any existing cracks or holes they can cause further damage. Gently remove the plant from any areas that need repairs, fill any holes or cracks and repaint, before letting nature takes its course again.

Failing to assess any winter damage: Over the winter, harsh elements such as wind, rain, and cold weather, can cause injury to your home. The springtime is the perfect time to check and see if any damage has been done, and ensure it’s repaired as promptly as possible. Routine maintenance will see to it that any minor issues don’t grow into larger problems.

Neglecting your gutters: Particles in your gutters can build up, and with the warmer weather, you have no excuse not to clean them! To avoid cracks and breaks, and to keep your home’s operating system healthy, make sure to routinely clean your gutters.

Ignoring your foundation in high temperatures: Ireland is no Lanzarote when it comes to the heat, but prolonged high temperatures have the potential to cause foundation separation. This presents itself in the form of dry, cracked earth around the base of your home. In extreme heat, or during hot spells (you never know!), keeping the area moist and protected with mulch can be helpful.

While the above are things you shouldn’t do, let’s name a few you SHOULD do: enjoy yourself this season, and call into your local Sandtex stockist for all your exterior painting needs. You can also visit us on the web for more expert advice and inspiration.


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