Keep the summer spirit alive with these five exterior colours

August is here, which means summer is coming to an end. If you’re like us, you’ve enjoyed your fair share of barbecues, sunshine, and holiday shenanigans over the past couple of months. In fact, we don’t want this summertime feeling to end! Luckily—it doesn’t have to. Many parts of Ireland are known for their vibrantly-painted houses and doors. We think this lovely tradition is something anyone can (and should!) embrace.

The following five exterior colours will help you keep this bright, summertime spirit alive year-round.

1. Yellow: Yellow is an obvious choice, given it’s a colour closely associated with the sun. This happy shade looks great on exteriors and interiors alike, and will even complement any greenery surrounding your home. It’s hard to feel anything but cheerful when seeing a yellow home.

Insider tip: Yellow looks exceptional with white or green accents. If using a light pastel yellow, a light mint door is complementary and on-trend.

2. Green: Does anything really say “Irish Summer” like a healthy, vivid green? It’s called the “Emerald Isle” after all! We are fortunate to have lush greenery all around us, and when it comes to the exterior of your home, green offers a stately, refined option.

Insider tip: For a classically elegant look, opt for a deep red door. For something more fun, try a pink!

3. Blue: We understand that blue may not be the first colour that springs to mind when you’re considering potential paint options. This summertime staple calls to mind ocean walks, perfect skies, and happy days spent at the beach. Blue is as calming as it is memorable, and would make a unique yet easily-incorporated choice for an exterior colour.

Insider tip: Bright white and a bright red with warm undertones would look great with light blue.

4. Peach: Peach, by some, is considered a new neutral, which means it’s easy on the eyes and plays well with a wide range of colours.  It’s a tan with a “pop,” and like its earth-toned brothers and sisters, it naturally adapts to any backdrop, or neighbourhood. This colour is a sumptuous mixture of two of our favourite summer shades: orange and yellow. How could it get any more lively than that?

Insider tip: Try a white or green door with peach!

5. Lavender: Like the lilacs that bloom in the run-up to summer, lavender is…. lovely. This colour goes wonderfully with the many greens of Ireland, and will really stand out in a way that’s not too aggressive. As a bonus, lavender can go with a variety of other colours, so it’s likely it will look great next to your neighbour’s house.

Insider tip: Lavender pairs well with greens, browns, yellows, white, black, and reds.

Anxious to try this colourful trend out on your home? These, and hundreds more bright and cheerful colours can me mixed for you at Sandtex Stockists nationwide.  Call into your nearest mixing stockist to find the perfect shade for you. Our experts can custom make any colour you’d like! Further assistance can be found here, or by contacting our friendly staff via our Facebook page.

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