Home improvements for a free weekend

Home ownership is one of the biggest (and most exciting!) commitments someone can make. You take pride in your home, and want it to be everything you’ve dreamed of. Luckily, there are plenty of simple things that you can do for your home when you have some free time on your hands. The following improvements can all be made within a weekend, and will help your home truly shine!

1. Do a spring cleanup: So it may not exactly be spring yet, but it’s always a good idea to keep your exteriors in tip top shape! Exteriors are often overlooked (due to lack of use) during the winter months, so it’s time to take stock and give them a little TLC. Go around your garden with a trash bag to pick up any drifting debris, wash windows and pathways, clear off decks, and spot-clean any necessary dirt around your home. If you haven’t yet taken down your Christmas decorations—now is the time to do so!

2. Update your landscape: A free weekend is a great opportunity to go to your local garden centre and pick out some seasonal plants to adorn your garden. This time of year (November—March) is considered the “dormant season” and is the suitable time to plant bare-root trees and shrubs, root-ball plants, and some bulbed flowers. Garden centre employees will be able to help you find an appropriate selection and give you useful planting advice.

3. Change outdoor light bulbs: This task takes no time at all, and is a necessity for your exteriors, especially during this darker time of year. We recommend using energy- efficient bulbs for environmentally-conscious and longer-lasting illumination!

4. Repair your walkway: Cracks in your walkway or front sidewalk can grow larger over time, so it’s best to catch them before they expand! Call into your local hardware store for help with finding the right repairing compound for your walkway. This will help make navigating to and from your home safer, and will look better too!

5. Update your house numbers/nameplate: You’re proud of your home—and it deserves to be shown off! Give your home a confidence boost by rejuvenating its identity! This means cleaning, and/or replacing your house numbers/nameplates. If these look rusty or old, we recommend installing new ones—it’s incredible what a difference this small upgrade can make!

6. Get your garage in order: Your garage and/or outdoor shed is likely to become cluttered. Throughout the months, it’s easy for it to accumulate junk and unnecessary objects. Use some of your free time to get rid of clutter and also, organise your space. Maximise this space by installing overhead storage, such as cabinetry, drawers, and hanging bike racks. We recommend putting on your favourite music to make the job more fun!

7. Rejuvenate your doors and trim: Take some time to give your exterior trim and doors some love. Perhaps you want to spice things up with a new colour, or simply want to enliven your preexisting paint job, this task is simple and will make for a rewarding weekend. Sandtex carries a wide array of paint colours and options, and all the materials you need to make your exteriors as beautiful and resilient as possible.

Excited for the weekend yet? Make use of your free time, get productive with your home, and you can pat yourself on the back come Sunday evening. For more expert advice and professional help with all your exterior paint needs, call into your local Sandtex stockist. You can also visit us on the web. Friday can’t come fast enough!






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