Halloween-ready exteriors in under two hours

Autumn has arrived and Halloween is right around the corner. Watch out, because things are about to get spooooky! To get in the festive spirit (and freak out your neighbours) we suggest adding a Halloween flair to your exteriors. The following tips will tell you how you can do this in a short amount of time.

1. Paint your front door black: Your door doesn’t take up much area, and therefore painting your door makes for a fast and simple weekend activity. For the season that’s in it, we suggest painting your door a dark shade, like Black. Black will not only make your entryway look classically polished, it is the perfect shade for Halloween and will provide the ideal backdrop for pumpkins, skeletons, spiderwebs, etc! 

2. Create an eerie entryway: Your entryway is one of the first things people will see when looking at your home. It is also where your trick-or-treaters will visit on Halloween night. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to get creepy! Head to your local home store and select the decorations you’d like to incorporate. In addition to following step 1 (above) we love these decorations:










And whatever else inspires you! 

Even if you don’t fancy going all out for the holiday, you can still add some autumnal elegance with accessories such as pumpkins, plants and the like.

 3. Install appropriate lighting: While we’re all for spooky, safety comes first. With the days getting shorter and the night coming faster, it’s a good idea to have light sources outside so that you can see better and navigate safely. This is especially important on Halloween, when you’ll have trick-or-treaters! The lights you choose will obviously depend on your exteriors and your style, but most of these can be selected and installed in a minimal amount of time. For Halloween, why not invest in some themed sting lights to hang around trees or doorways?

4. Make a clear cut path: In addition to the above, we suggest making sure your pathway is clear and your gardens cleaned. Your exteriors will see plenty of foot traffic on Halloween night, so it’s important that there is an easy path to your door and that your garden is in top shape! Use our Fungicidal Wash to clean your pathways in no time, and have them sparkling like new! 

5. Add some scary signage: Signs like “Beware” and “Keep Out” are popular around Halloween, and can be made and installed with ease. These can be purchased, or made as a fun project with friends and family! All you’ll need is some wooden boards, nails, a hammer, and paint! Simply paint whatever message you’d like on your boards, attach them in a cross-like fashion, and place in your garden! 

With these fast and effortless Halloween tips, there’s no excuse not to get your exteriors in the holiday spirit! For more expert inspiration, call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web! Have a happy and safe Halloween! 

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