Five bright ideas for your outdoor feature wall

We love feature walls, whether they’re inside or outside. However, now that summer’s here, we think your exteriors are the perfect location to create a striking feature wall. A feature wall will make your garden area stand out and add interest to your outdoor space. Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to the extraordinary with the following five bright ideas for outdoor feature walls.

1. Go bold with the colour: One of the simplest ways to create a show-stopping feature wall is simply by painting one of your exterior walls a different colour than the others. This will create a fantastic juxtaposition and allow you to set the scene for your garden with whatever backdrop colour you choose! We especially love yellow to add a cheerful vibe to your garden gatherings or to make your summer soirées that much sunnier! Even when the skies are grey you can feel like you’re on a Miami Beach with a bold yellow feature wall. 

2. Implement interesting light fixtures: You don’t always need paint to make a feature wall really pop. For a unique garden installation, create a wall lined in lights, like the one seen above. This will cloak your garden in a soft glow so that you can enjoy your outdoor space, whatever the time of day! Plus, even when your lights aren’t switched on, the installation will add style to your exteriors.

3. Paint a colourful mural: If you’re daring enough, we suggest going all-out with a mural on your feature wall. Whether you choose to create this yourself or opt for the help of a professional, a mural will really make a statement and help your exteriors pop! Express your personal style and give your garden a special surprise by covering your exterior wall in beautiful artwork. Some mural ideas include:

  • Patterns (stripes, diamonds, chevron, polka dots, etc)
  • Abstract shapes
  • Nature scenes (beaches, forests, mountains, etc)
  • Flowers and plants
  • The possibilities are endless!

Your mural can be toned down or amped up according to your desires, so there’s a style for everyone!

4. Hang shelves and plants: We love plants and flowers in the garden, but in the soil isn’t the only place they can be! Create a feature wall where you can place potted plants and other accessories for a colourful and interesting addition to your space. As far as we’re concerned, when it comes to your garden—the greener, the better!

5. Write a saying on your wall: Express yourself by writing a quote or saying on your feature wall. Use stencils for a more precise look, or write freehand if you’re feeling up to it. A quote on your feature wall will give it a hip, urban vibe that will immediately make your garden more stylish.

Are you ready to enhance your garden space with a gorgeous feature wall? The above suggestions are great places to start. Remember—as with all exterior paint, your feature wall should use the most durable and multitasking paint products in order to withstand the test of time. Choose Sandtex products to extend the life of your feature wall and beautify your exteriors. Visit your local Sandtex stockist for more information or visit us on the web.

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