Our favourite exterior colour combos

March is here and warmer days are ahead of us! Now is the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your exteriors so that they look their best and are ready to be admired when the sunshine arrives (and the weekend BBQs begin). Painting your exteriors is simple, especially with the help of Sandtex. In this post, we cover some of our favourite colour combinations for your home.

 1. Grey and navy: Grey and navy look clean and crisp, and brings to mind quaint seaside cottages. The navy brings out the blue of the grey and results in a refined combination that’s perfect all year round. We love Gallery Grey with Oxford Blue.

2. White and black: We love monochrome, inside and outside of the home. White and black is a coupling that’s as bold as it is timeless. Your really can’t go wrong with this colour combination— and it looks great with any landscape!

3. Light beige and light blue: These two colours work very well together, and will create a soft yet unique look no matter where they’re combined! Blue looks lovely with natural wood, so it makes sense that beige—a shade within the brown family— would also look great. Try our colours Oatmeal and Gentle Blue.

4. Yellow and white: This is another classic coupling of colours, and is as fresh as it gets! Yellow is a lively, happy colour, and the bright white enhances this sunny shade.

5. Sage and cream: Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isle, and shades of green always look good against our lush outdoor landscape. A sage green is a workable, neutralised green that will complement your home’s natural setting. As a classic neutral, cream doesn’t take away from the green and instead blends in for a seamless look. Try our shades Olive and Cornish Cream. 

6. Light blue and dark blue: Combining different shades from within the same colour family is a foolproof way to guarantee they’ll work well together. We especially love light blue and dark blue together— the colours give you the best of both worlds: light and bright, and dark and rich. Try combining our Oxford Blue with our Gentle Blue.

Inspired to transform your exteriors? The above suggestions are only the beginning! For even more colour advice and everyday home decor ideas, call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web. Here’s hoping spring comes quick!

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