Exterior repairs to make before winter arrives

Autumn is in full swing and winter is right around the corner. Now is the perfect opportunity to check your home for damage and make any repairs before the cold arrives. The following suggestions will help ensure your home is well maintained and as safe as possible for the months ahead.

1. Inspect your roof for any damage: It’s often hard to know if your roof is in need of repair until there’s a big problem. However, regular inspection will help you catch smaller issues and fix them before they escalate. Look for things like missing shingles, holes, and cracks, and take the appropriate measures to patch these up properly. This step is especially important after storm Ophelia, as high winds, rain and airborne debris could have easily wreaked havoc on your exteriors.

2. Ensure your chimney is intact and operating as it should: There’s plenty of responsibility that comes along with enjoying the warmth and glow of an open fire! If you happen to have a fireplace, make sure that you check your chimney for cracks and have it swept to ensure it’s operating safely and effectively. Do this before winter arrives so you can rest easily while relaxing by the fire.

3. Fill any cracks, holes and splits to your exterior walls: Carefully check your exteriors for any signs of damage that may have accumulated over the summer months, likely due to heat, precipitation and Ophelia. Easily fill cracks with our Ready Mixed Masonry Filler. It’s essential to catch these minor defects before they become a much more costly problem.

4. Fill gaps around windows and doors: Regardless of how high you blast the heat, you’ll be left with unpleasant draughts lest you ensure windows and doors are working as they should be. You’d be surprised at how a seemingly small crack can quickly cool down your home! Install a draught excluder to the bottom of your door and fill any other relevant areas with caulking and/or weather strips.

5. Clean your windows: It’s a good idea to clean on and around your windows before the freezing temps arrive. You’ll be wanting a grime-free window to watch for Santa, after all! Use our PVC-U Cleaner and Restorer to leave the surrounding areas sparkling and strong.

Following the above steps will help ensure your exteriors are as safe and secure as they should be heading into the winter season. For even more expert advice on maintaining your exteriors, call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web.

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