Exterior checklist: what to do before spring arrives

Though we’re currently in the thick of winter (and enjoying all the lovely weather it brings with it!) spring will be here before we know it! The days will be longer, the temperature will rise, and we’ll start looking forward to our summer BBQs. Though it may seem like there’s not much to do for your exteriors during the winter months, now is actually the perfect time to prepare for the onset of spring.

The following checklist will ensure your exteriors are in tip top shape to welcome spring.

1. Check your gutters: Although every season has the tendency to be rainy in Ireland, spring is especially so. It’s therefore important to make sure that your gutters are functioning properly so that you can avoid standing puddles and flooding. Clear your gutters of leaves and debris so that they are ready to take on the rainy months. 

2. Repair any damage to your roof: Your roof can often bear the brunt of the winter weather. Between the wind, rain, snow, and freezing temperatures, shingles can become damaged and holes can appear. Inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs. Catching issues when they first appear will help ensure they don’t turn into larger issues that will be more difficult to manage.

3. Take care of any cracks in your exteriors: The coming of a new season provides the perfect opportunity to check for any damage to your exteriors and make the necessary repairs. Use our Ready Mixed Masonry Filler to fill cracks and holes before they turn into larger issues.

4. Clear your flower beds: Spring is a great time for gardening, so now is the time to ensure your foundations are in great working order. Clear flower beds of leaves, weeds, and other debris so that you can have a fresh slate to work with once spring arrives. 

5. Clean your exterior walls, trim, and walkways: Lots of dirt and grime can collect on your exterior walls throughout the winter months. Now is a great time to give your home a thorough cleaning so that it’s in tip top shape for the warmer months. Use our Fungicidal Wash to get rid of organic growth on exterior walls, paths, and patios. Our PVC-u Cleaner and our PVC-u Restorer can be used to restore your PVC-u surfaces to their former glory. Using a pressure washer is also a good way to clean walls and walkways.

6. Make sure your tools are organised and clean: Whatever tools you’ll need for spring, ensure they’re easy to find and ready to be used. If you have a shed, now is a good time to organise it.

The above checklist will help ensure your exteriors are healthy and ready for the months ahead! For more expert advice and the tools you need to get you started, call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web

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