Exterior checklist: what to do before autumn arrives

Summer is in full swing (and don’t we love it!) but, before you know it, autumn will be here. Now is the right time to start planning for your end-of-summer improvements. Why not get a head start while the weather’s still warm? The following post includes some of our top recommendations for excellent, autumn-ready exteriors. Check these off your list soon for a hassle-free change of season!

1. Clean your windows: Dust and pollen easily find their way to your windows throughout the spring and summer months. Now is a good time to wipe away the grime of the past few months, with a thorough window clean. Don’t forget the PVC-u cleaner! This should only take a couple of hours and you can then enjoy those end-of-summer sunsets through sparkling glass!

2. Organise your shed: Your shed likely got plenty of traffic throughout the summer months, so it’s a good time to ensure it’s clean and orderly before the cooler weather comes. Ensure items are stored properly and safely, and give your shed a good cleaning to start the new season on the right foot.

3. Remove mould and buildup: The summer months can be tough on your exteriors. Dirt, mould, fungus, and other organic growth can find their way to your walls, patios, and paths. The end of summer provides the perfect opportunity to rid your home of these problem areas, before they become bigger issues.

4. Repair holes and cracks: Before the cooler weather arrives, it’s a wise idea to repair any holes, cracks, or damages to brick, render, and stone. These things, if left untreated, will become even more problematic as time passes so it’s essential to use a quality masonry filler to prevent unwanted consequences.

5. Store summer furniture: Chances are you won’t be needing your summer furniture when the temperature starts to decrease. Put furniture away in a secure, dry space to help ensure its longevity and keep it safe until next year.

6. Ensure doors and windows are weatherproofed: Weather stripping along doors and windows helps insulate your home and keep cold air from entering—and warm air from escaping. Make sure there are no air leaks or drafts around windows and doors, and fix these with caulking or weather stripping.

It’s always a little hard to see the days getting shorter and feel the air getting a little chillier, but this checklist should help make the transition to autumn a little easier. For more helpful tips and expert advice, call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web.


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