Dressing your front door for Christmas

We love the Christmas season and, although this year looks very different from Christmases gone by, we’re still spreading some cheer wherever we can! We love decking the halls and our front doors during this special season. Are you feeling festive? The below ideas will help ensure your front door is perfectly prepped for the weeks ahead.

1. Start with a great base: If your front door’s looking a bit worse for wear, or you’re simply in the mood for a change, we suggest giving your door a fresh coat of paint (weather permitting). It’s relatively simple and quick to paint your front door and your local Sandtex stockist has all the supplies you’ll need, including our Rapid Dry Plus. We love the classic red door (which is especially lovely during the Christmas season!) but the possibilities are endless. Any door colour can look festive with some care and creativity.


2. Add a wreath: Hang a wreath on your front door to bring some of that Christmas spirit to your entryway. Classic evergreen wreaths are always beautiful, or you can go for gold or silver wreaths for some sparkle. A playful pom pom wreath will add some fun and colour to your entrance. Accentuate your wreath with a beautiful ribbon.


3. Frame your door with garland: Make your front door look like a winter wonderland by framing it with a gorgeous green garland. A garland will add some magic to your entryway and give your front garden that winter wonderland feeling. Add holly, berries, baubles, lights or ribbon to your garland to really make it pop!


Photo via dunnesstores.com

4. Wrap your door: For a fun and unique entryway look, wrap your front door like a present! This is an extremely simple way to add a holiday touch to your home. You can purchase extra-large bows that are made for doors, or you can make your own. Purchase extra wide ribbon and simply tie up your front door, finishing with a bow in the centre. You can also tape the bow and ribbon to the door, securing it on the sides.


5. Place mini pine trees or decorative topiaries by your front door: We’re big fans of adding greenery to your entryway— it’s an easy way to enliven the space, and it’s a particularly good idea during the holidays. Get mini potted pine trees or topiaries, decorate with ribbon and/or lights and place by your door. We love placing plant on both sides of your door to frame the entryway and give you double the special sparkle!


While we may all be focused on perfecting our Christmas interiors, don’t neglect the exteriors! Focusing on your front door is a simple way to make a big statement and transform the look of your home into a holiday-ready masterpiece. To get started with a healthy foundation for your door, call into your local Sandtex stockist.

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