Creating a healthy (and usable) winter garden

The days are getting colder and shorter as we’re getting ready for winter. While days spent in the sunshine in the garden may be fewer and farther between, there are still ways to beautify and enjoy your garden before spring rolls around. Why not take advantage of your lovely outdoor space year-round? In the following post we’ll show you how to create a healthy (and usable) winter garden.

Fill your garden with berried plants to add colour during the winter: The majority of flowers seen in spring and summer may be long gone, but you can easily bring colour to your garden in the winter months via beautiful berries. Holly and skimmias are beloved berry plants that are often associated with Christmastime and would make for a lovely display in your winter garden. Additionally, pyracantha and pernettyas are excellent options, and the intensely named  callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii ‘profusion’ will bring gorgeous bright purple berries to your outdoor oasis.

Protect your outdoor space for the wetter months ahead: You can still enjoy your garden in the cooler months so you may want to keep your garden furniture on-hand. However, now is a good time to add a layer of protection to your garden furniture to help shield against the elements and it’s also wise to protect your terrace. Our Brickwork Waterproofer and Protector is for use on brickwork, render, pointing, concrete, stone and plaster, so it makes an excellent option for most terraces and other porous garden features.

Repair any holes in your terrace or around your home: Now is also a good time (while you’re out in the garden) to do a quick inspection around the house and fill in any holes or cracks you may see with our ready mixed masonry filler. These cavities can grow larger over time and the harsher weather of winter can also impact their progression, so fixing these now will help prevent more damage, and more work for you come spring. Our Masonry Filler can be used on brick, render, stone and most other building materials so it’s an excellent option for repairing garden materials as well.

Incorporate winter flowers and plenty of evergreens to create a lush and vibrant cold weather garden: There are some plants that flower during the winter and will offer lovely colour to your outdoors. These include pansies, hellebores, winter heath, violas, cyclamen, snow drops, and winter jasmine. Winter evergreens such as laurel, boxwood, euonymus fortune and carex grasses will fill out your garden and make for a lovely scene.

Make your garden more usable with a heat source: Who doesn’t love sitting around a warm fire and watching the stars? Make this a wintertime activity for your family by bringing a fire pit or other heat source to your garden. Lighting a fire will immediately add ambiance and warmth to the outdoor space. There are plenty of outdoor fireplaces/fire pits to choose from that will help you create a safe and contained fire. Anyone up for roasting marshmallows?

Add comfort with soft pillows and blankets: Be as cosy as possible in your winter garden with We also recommend having a few wool blankets handy to take away any remaining chill!

Ready to turn your garden into a wintertime wonderland? For more expert exterior tips, visit our blogs or call into your local Sandtex stockist.

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