10 patio ideas for 2021

With the warmer weather here we’ll all be spending more and more time outdoors. Whether your patio is large or small, it can become one of your favourite areas of the house! The following tips will help you create a gorgeous garden abode you’ll love to enjoy as much as possible.

Brighten your patio with a colourful feature wall: Create a large piece of art for your outdoors with a gorgeous mural or feature wall near your patio area. Our wide range of masonry paint makes it simple to create a beautiful looking and long lasting mural or colourful feature wall. This is an excellent way to enliven your outdoor space and bring more colour into your patio area. With our Colourmix service, you can choose from thousands of colours—you can have any colour imaginable mixed specially for you!

Soften things with an outdoor rug: Give yourself something soft underfoot with an outdoor rug. These durable rugs are created specifically for outdoors and are a great way to make things more comfortable while allowing you to play with colour and pattern.


Add ambiance with string lights: String lights will add a wonderful sparkle to your patio evenings and there are a variety of options for outdoor or even solar powered versions.

Add greenery with plants:
We love plants inside and outside the home, and they can really help to create some magic on your patio. The patio is a great place to grow vegetables and herbs if you’re so inclined, just make sure to check which varieties are best suited to your climate.


Hang baskets of flowers to add interest: We love hanging baskets filled with green plants or colourful blooms to brighten the whole look of the space! Opt for fragrant flowers to surround your patio with a lovely summery scent.

Create privacy:
Give your patio some privacy by fencing it in with a fence or a hedge of some sort. For a quick and easy option, consider free standing fences or dividers. You can also create a makeshift hedge with tall plants.


Have cushions and blankets on hand: Wrap yourself in warmth and enjoy a comfortable patio experience by adding cushions and blankets to the space. These soft surroundings are also great ways to bring in colour and pattern.

Invest in a fire bowl: Keep yourself warm during chillier nights and create a gorgeous ambiance with a fire bowl or pit. Ensure to get one that’s safe and suitable for your patio size.

Use citronella candles to keep bugs away: Embrace the beautiful glow of candlelight while keeping bugs away with outdoor citronella candles. This special candles are made with citronella oil, which has a light but pleasant scent and repels a variety of pesky bugs.

Use an umbrella to keep you shaded from the sun: On sunnier days you may want to take some shelter from the hot sun, and a sun umbrella/parasol is a great way to keep you shaded and comfortable.

Now who’s ready to get outside and enjoy their patio? Before doing the above make sure to clean your patio area with our Fungicidal Wash. For all your exterior decorating needs, contact your local Sandtex stockist.

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