Ten colourful doors that are perfect for spring

Ireland is a country known for (among many other things) its vibrant colours. Exploring any town within the Emerald Isle, you’re bound to see bright houses, vivid signage, kaleidoscopic streets and—Ireland’s famous coloured doors. Our doors here are so beloved, and so quintessentially Irish, that we decided to devote a whole post to their beauty. Below, you’ll find a selection of our favourite Irish doors that are perfect for this time of year.

  1. A Dublin daydream: This gentle blue beauty is just one of the many colourful Georgian doors found throughout Dublin. We love the contrast of the white frame with the blue door and gold accessories. The bright cobalt planters add yet another level of interest.

  1. Dingle royalty: This rich purple door in Dingle looks regal, especially when framed by its deep navy surroundings. Purple with gold accents is one of our favourite colour combinations, and this is certainly one vivid passageway we’d be only too eager to walk through!

  1. Schull Scenery: This storefront in Schull is simple yet distinguished. Baby pink hues provide the ideal foundation for the stark contrast of a rich blue.

  1. Small Town Charm: It doesn’t get more picturesque than this! The crisp white of the house is dramatically emphasized with a brilliant light blue, to give this quaint cottage tons of character. Though it may be small, it sure is mighty!

  1. Two of a Kind: These Dublin doors make the perfect pair! A hot piggy pink goes perfectly with the periwinkle blue nextdoor. Do you think these neighbours coordinated together?

  1. Kinsale colours: These might just be two of the brightest doors we’ve ever seen….and we couldn’t love them more! The harbour town of Kinsale has some of the most drool-worthy colour combinations in the country, and these entrances are no exception. Once again we’re left wondering: was this pretty pair a happy accident or a carefully-planned masterpiece?

  1. Dublin perfection: You can’t go wrong with a classic red door—especially when it’s expertly highlighted with a light baby blue frame! This colour pallette is so lively and sharp that we can’t help but be a bit envious of those who get to walk by it every day.

  1. Deep green goodness: Could a door be more majestic? The powerful frame lends way to a sumptuous forest green—in perfect juxtaposition with the burnt reds of the nearby brickwork. This Dublin door is so breathtaking it has left us green with envy!

  1. Cottage craving: This idyllic Irish cottage entrance is just begging to be photographed! It’s Instagram-ready with energetic teal exteriors and attention-grabbing red and white door and windows.

  1. Adare amazement: Sometimes a door is just so good, you need to name a restaurant after it! The Blue Door restaurant in Adare, Limerick did just that. With a perfect azure blue entrance, can you really blame them?

If you’re feeling inspired to add a splash of intrigue to your home, a colourful door is just the ticket. To get started, call into your nearest Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web.

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