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Painting the Exterior of Your House: Applying Masonry Paint.

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Get Tough Out

Rapid Dry Plus

Our quick drying, advanced technology, water based paints for exterior wood and metal.  Available in High Gloss, Soft Satin and Primer Undercoat.

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This Season’s Colours

Greys continue to be the colour scheme of choice for this season.  Here we’ve paired Vermont Grey, a new introduction for this year, as the main wall colour and trimmed it with Birch on the plinths.

Vermont Grey and Birch are both available in Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint in pack sizes up to 10 litres.


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Don’t Forget ….

Whilst we paint our smooth walls and woodwork to protect and enhance, we can often forget that our brickwork is exposed to the elements too.

Sandtex Brickwork Waterproofer and Protector’s deep penetrating formulation protects unpainted surfaces including stone and concrete from rain, ice and snow.

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How to...

Reparing Fine Cracks and Holes

An easy solution to repairing fine cracks and holes in your house’s masonry, in order to achieve a perfect finish.

Part of Crown Paint’s series on Painting the Exterior of Your House.

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